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Clients enlist our help for many different reasons. 


Some are too busy to stay on top of their personal finances.

Others find they no longer can or want to deal with their daily financial issues.  We make it a point to keep you informed and involved

at whatever level you prefer. 


Whatever your situation, we can help you stay on top

of your personal financial affairs.

  • Seniors - We’re here to provide objective and trusted additional support so you can remain independent.  You and your family can relax knowing that your finances are being professionally and cost effectively managed.


  • New retirees – We enable you to spend more time enjoying life and focusing on what matters to you while we deal with your day-to-day money management.


  • People in transition – We know everyone goes through transitions – new job, marriage, divorce or the death of a spouse. We provide proactive support and keep your personal finances on track.


  • High-net-worth individuals – We manage the financial complexity of multiple  households, charitable giving and domestic payroll, freeing time in your busy schedule.

We can come to you or we can work remotely. 

We bill at an hourly rate and work as efficiently as possible.

Keys & Simpkinson, LLC   8280 Montgomery Road; Suite 102   Cincinnati, OH 45236   513-381-4849

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