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Keys & Simpkinson was started in 1982 by Janet Simpkinson. 

While she was working with her CPA father, she realized people

were overwhelmed in their personal financial life and needed help. 

Annie Baucom purchased Keys & Simpkinson from Janet in 2020.


40+ years later, we’re providing support and security for a diverse array of clients.

 The services we offer, along with the trust and personal relationships we've built, 

have defined Keys & Simpkinson over the years .


We still believe in the value of relationships

and are committed to providing personalized service that makes sense for you.


We look forward to helping make your life easier.









 Annie M. Baucom, E.A.



Kimberli A. Brooks


Laura J. Gerberick


Sarah S. Grimmer


Aimee G. Kemper


Mary Beth Mantkowski

Mom's Office-Mom.jpg

Keys & Simpkinson, LLC   8280 Montgomery Road; Suite 102   Cincinnati, OH 45236   513-381-4849

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