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The pen and notebook on the tax form W-2

We provide flexible payroll services that include managing

the payroll process and preparing all necessary payroll tax returns.


We provide payroll services for small businesses, household employees

such as nannies and housekeepers and in-home nursing care.

We can help you:

  • Open new employer accounts – We complete applications to establish an employer identification number and set up withholding and payroll tax accounts.

  • Pay your employees – We print and mail or deposit checks for your employees,  along with withhold all appropriate taxes.

  • Payroll withholding reports – We file and deposit monthly, quarterly and annual withholding taxes on your behalf.

  • Report taxes withheld – We provide reports that can be used for your tax return preparation.

  • Coordinate Workers’ Compensation and unemployment filing – We file and pay these returns for you.  If your employee has an accident on the job or is terminated for cause, both you and the employee are covered.

  • File year-end W-2 and 1099 – We reconcile and file year-end and annual reports, and we provide W-2’s to your salaried employees and 1099’s as needed.

Keys & Simpkinson, LLC   8280 Montgomery Road; Suite 102   Cincinnati, OH 45236   513-381-4849

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